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He had become an important and rich mine- and cattle owner there, a high public official and Mayor of Santiago de Cuba, and finally, the son-in-law of Cuba's Governor. It was only natural that he would take an interest in the little-known parts of the island, if only to further his own commercial interests - and because of his formal role and responsibilities.

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Q: Why did Hernán Cortes explore Cuba?
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Did Hernn Cortes led theAztecs civilization in the 1500's

Why did hernan Cortes explore cuba?

He explored Cuba to find gold and glory.

What did Hernando Cortes use to explore?

He left Cuba with 11 ships, 13 horses, a few canons and about 500 men.

When did people go to Mexico from Spain?

1518, when Hernan Cortes departed from Cuba looking for more territories to explore and conquer.

How did Cortes take over Cuba?

Cortes never took over Cuba.

Where did hernand Cortes explore?

Cortes explored Mexico

What country sponsored Cortes's voyage?

Spain, and its colony in Cuba. As Cortes was the Mayor of the capital of Cuba, and Diego Velazquez was the Governor of Cuba, both paid half the cost of the expedition, Cortes having to borrow money to finance it.

When did Cortes take over Cuba?

Cortes never took over Cuba. In 1511 he joined an expedition to Cuba and became mayor of the province of Santiago, the governor of Cuba sent him off on an expedition to Mexico. He never returned to Cuba.

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