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His advicer, ambrocio rianzares bautista convince him that a Dictatorship was needed to fight agaist Spain and also because the condition of the Philippines at that time was very chaotic.

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Q: Why did aguinaldo established a dictatorial government?
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What paved the way for Aguinaldo to change the dictatorial form of government to revolutionary form of government?

Articles of Confederation

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the dictatorial has unlimited power by the head of government or head of state

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The last name of the newspaper established by the revolutionary government (El Heraldo De La Revolucion) during the time of Emilio Aguinaldo.

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Democratic government is better than dictatorial government because in a democratic society every citizen has a say and a vote to elect their representatives in government, there is freedom of association and expression. People can force government officials to step down if they think that they are not doing a bad job and citizens can ask their representatives to make changes in laws. A Democratic government is not necessarily better than a dictatorial, a dictatorial government is better than a democratic one in times of war, danger or economic depression because it takes faster and more effective actions, but dictatorial government are only good in short terms.

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