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The animals were all trapped out and couldn't be found.

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They hunted the animals that were trapped until they lived there no more.

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They were trapped and no one knew

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Q: Why did fur trapping become an unprofitable business?
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What were french mostly involved with in north America?

Fur trapping and trading

What has been the historical reason for trapping?

to get food, fur, company, and wealth.

How did mountain men make a living?

fur trappers

What was the primary economic pursuit of early settlers in new france?

Fur Trapping

What is the name of scouts fur trapping apothecary from cornwell ancestor?

The name of the scout's fur trapping apothecary from the "Cornwell Ancestor" series is Caleb. He is known for his skill in navigating the wilderness, trapping fur animals, and creating natural remedies from herbs and plants. Caleb plays a crucial role in the story as he assists the protagonist in surviving and thriving in the harsh frontier environment.

What country had little interest in Americas other than profits from fishing and fur trapping was?


What organizations are against fur trapping?

Yes. PeTA, HSUS and ALF are the main ones.

What jobs were in colonial New York?

Farming in rich soil Blacksmiths Cash Crops Fur trapping and trading Shipbuilders Subsistance farming /> farmer.

Why did french settlers abandon farming and begin trapping and trading?

They abandon farming because the harsh Canadian climate was to harsh with long winters and also fur trapping and trading was goodly priced.

What country had little interest in the Americas other that profits from fishing and fur trapping?

england, france, spain,portugal

The primary economic activity in the Rocky Mountains West before the Civil War was what?

Uh dudes, if your doing the same AP review sheet as me then its B, Fur-Trapping. At least that's what I put. Good luck to us both! It's B, Furtrapping.

What has the author S Newhouse written?

S. Newhouse has written: 'The trapper's guide and manual of instructions' -- subject(s): Fur trade, Trapping 'The Newhouse trapper's guide' -- subject(s): Trapping, Hunting