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because they didn't think the will be able to do anything ex cook and clean.

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Girls were expected to stay at home and learn domestic duties.

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Q: Why did girls not get a good education in the 1760s?
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Does girls education do more harm than good or its the opposite?

Education is always good but girls is no different from boys.

Do girls in Japan get an education?

Yes they do, in Japan the education is really good because of the funds they get.

In what ways may the education provided for girls in different countries be less good than the education provided for boys?

Girls in some countries may face barriers to education such as cultural norms that prioritize boys' education, early marriage, lack of access to sanitary facilities, and safety concerns on the way to school. Limited resources and funding for girls' education can also contribute to disparities in quality between education for girls and boys.

Do girls in Albania have any education?

Yes, girls receive an education in Albania.

How did the education of Jewish Boy and girls differ?

Education of Jewish boys and girls are the same.

Do you use an apostrophe on my little girls education?

It should be: my little girl's education (if the girl is only one) my little girls' education (if the girls are more than one)

How did the colonists view the political struggle with Britain in the 1760s and 1770s?

Good against evil

Why girls education is not necessary?

It is necessary. Women and girls have the right and intelligence to go as far as they can in education. There,is no reason to omit girls from education in today's world. They have families to support and children to rear.

What was education like in china?

Mainly boys got education, sometimes as scribes or warriors. Girls stayed home and did chores and learned how to take care of a good household.

Why might an all girls school be good for girls?

An all girls school can create a supportive and empowering environment for girls by eliminating gender stereotypes, increasing confidence, fostering leadership skills, and providing strong female role models. It can also promote academic excellence and opportunities for girls to excel in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Did Juliette Gordon Low have a good education?

Yes, Juliette Gordon Low had a good education. Since her family was fairly wealthy, they could afford to give their children a good education. However, education for girls was different than that for boys in the late 1800's and Juliette would have learned more about how to run a household, etiquette, and the arts.

Is girls' education the same as boys' education in North Korea?

Yes the same education for Boys & Girls refer wikipedia [MALE-99.5% , FEMALE-97.3% ]