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Armies helped control more territory.

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Q: Why did government create permanent armies?
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Did the qin emperor create a stong and lenient government?

False because he built a strong army that defeated the armies of the rivaling states at least that's

What branch raise and support armies?

What branch of government raise and supports Armies

What is a region that does not have permanent residence or a working government?

A region that does not have permanent residents or a working government is a possession.

What is the difference between armies and insurgents?

i would say that armies are government sponsored whereas insurgents are not.

When did the US government create a formal and permanent system of security classification?

For all practical purposes the US did not create a permanent and formal system of security classification. This came about in 1867 when the War Department saw the need to issue policies concerning sea coast defenses against foreign surveillance.

5 reasons why the public should trust the government?

1. Government is an ever growing business, you do that, 2. You create them and therefore you feed them, 3. Government can not betray whereas your intimates can, 4. IT is not permanent, you may change it, and 5. You have no better choice than this.

Did the Romans create the road?

To move their armies quickly around the empire.

What was the type of government of ancient Sparta?

it is basically a general of the armies

Whats one limit on the states?

The states are not allowed to raise or keep armies. Only the federal government has the power to keep armies.

Is Romania in peace with there government?

No, it is a permanent conflict.

What region that does not have permanent residents or a working government?

The most commonly cited example of a region with no permanent residents or working government is Antarctica. While several countries have research stations there, the continent has no indigenous population and no sovereign government. Therefore, it is not considered to have a permanent resident population or a unified government structure.

During the Eastern Woodland Era the Native Americans were able to create more permanent settlements because what?

they were able to create more permanent settlements because no one was there to bother them