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The spinning jenny was a industrialization era machine that drastically increased the production of yarn. He made it because the current textile factories could not keep up with demand of foreign markets.

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Q: Why did james hargreaves invent the spinning jenny?
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At What year did James Hargreaves invent the Spinning Jenny?


In 1764 James Hargreaves invented the spinning Hargreaves?

spinning jenny

Write about a person who invented something. Who was this person What did he invent?

In 1764, James Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny. The spinning jenny was named after James's wife. James invented the spinning jenny to spin yarn faster.

Did Robert Raikes invent the spinning jenny?

No, Robert Raikes did not invent the spinning jenny. The spinning jenny was invented by James Hargreaves in 1764. Robert Raikes is known for founding the Sunday school movement in the 18th century.

When did Eil Whiteny invent the spinning jenny?

He didn't invent the spinning jenny, but the cotton gin. Hargreaves invented the jenny in England.

Who invinted the spinning jenny?

James Hargreaves.

Who patented the spinning jenny?

James Hargreaves

Who devised spinning jenny?

James hargreaves

James hargreaves invention?

James Hargreaves was involved with the invention of a carding machine which prepared fiber for spinning, and then he invented the Spinning Jenny used for simultaneously spinning the fiber into multiple spools of thread.

What did hargraves invent?

James Hargreaves was from Lancashire, England. He was a carpenter, inventor, and a weaver. He was one of the inventors of Spinning Jenny in 1764.

The Spinning jenny was designed by?

James Hargreaves in 1764.

Who is Jonathan Hargreaves?

His name is James Hargreaves! To help out.... James Hargreavse was credited with inventing the "Spinning Jennifer" (spinning jenny) A device for spinning cotton. Jonathan Hargreaves is a cartoon artist. (not scrips, just characterizations)