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it helped people to spin several threads at a time. and it even lowered the cost of fabric

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it help people by weaving faster so it can make people in the old days have an easier life

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The spinning jenny:

made the spinning process quicker and more efficient,

it made it possible to produce a wider width of yarn.

hope this helped :)

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James hargreaves

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Q: Who devised the spinning jenny?
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Who devised spinning jenny?

James hargreaves

In 1764 James Hargreaves invented the spinning Hargreaves?

spinning jenny

How are the spinning mule and the spinning jenny related?

The spinning jenny was a multi-spindled machine. So is the spinning mule. :) (I found the information on this website. All I did was type spinning mule and spinning jenny :) )

James hargreaves invention?

James Hargreaves was involved with the invention of a carding machine which prepared fiber for spinning, and then he invented the Spinning Jenny used for simultaneously spinning the fiber into multiple spools of thread.

Which of these were combined to make the spinning mule?

spinning jenny and water frame

How does a spinning jenny work?


What are the advantages of the Spinning Jenny?

The spinning jenny produced yarn faster. The spinning jenny also made it easier to spin yarn. It took the place of people who had to spin the yarn.

What is the difference between a spinning jenny and a spinning mule?

The spinning jenny was a multi-spindle spinning frame, and was one of the key developments in weaving during the Industrial Revolution. It was invented in 1764 by James Hargreaves. The spinning mule (also known as the mule jenny) was invented by Samuel Crompton in 1779, which was a hybrid ("mule") of the spinning jenny and a water-powered spinning frame.

When did Eil Whiteny invent the spinning jenny?

He didn't invent the spinning jenny, but the cotton gin. Hargreaves invented the jenny in England.

What country was the spinning jenny invented?

The spinning jenny is a device that was created to reduce work associated with the production of yarn. The spinning jenny was invented in Stanhill, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, England in 1764.

Is spinning jenny invented by John kaye?

No, the spinning jenny was not invented by John Kaye. It was invented by James Hargreaves in 1764. The spinning jenny was a multi-spindle spinning frame that revolutionized the textile industry by increasing the amount of thread that could be spun at one time.

Is the spinning jenny named the same thing today?

Yes , the reason why the spinning jenny is called the spinning jenny is because in 1764 James Hargreaves had a daughter that was named jenny and she knocked over the family spinning wheel . and that gave James Hargreaves the name .