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John Burgoyne surrendered because he was running low in troops and he needed a glass of Cocacola

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Q: Why did john burgoyne surrender?
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When was Surrender of General Burgoyne created?

Surrender of General Burgoyne was created in 1821.

What did john burgoyne have to do with the battle of saratoga?

British General John Burgoyne's military career is most noted in the US for his surrender to the American army at Saratoga, bringing France into the American Revolution.

Why was general burgoyne important?

General John Burgoyne is important in the history of the Revolutionary War because of his surrender at the Battle of Saratoga to Colonial forces. He was nicknamed "Gentleman Johnny" by the Colonists.

Who led the British Army in the northern states during the American Revolution?

John Burgoyne was one such officer until his surrender at Saratoga.

What side was John Burgoyne on?

John Burgoyne was a British general.

What side was John Burgoyne?

John Burgoyne was a British general.

The revolutionary war need when general John Burgoyne surrendered a British army at Saratoga new York?

British general and playwright John Burgoyne did surrender 5,000 British and Hessian troops to the American General Horatio Gates at Saratoga, New York, in 1777.

When was John Burgoyne born?

John Burgoyne was born on February 24, 1723.

What is John Burgoyne's birthday?

John Burgoyne was born on February 24, 1723.

Why is the burgoyne's surrender an important event in the american revolution?

Burgoyne's surrender was the most significant victory the colonists had achieved up to that point in the Revolutionary War. It is considered to have been a turning point in the war.

What was the family history of General John Burgoyne?

DDouglas & David Burgoyne are the last of the Burgoyne family

Who did john burgoyne help british or Americans?

He helped the British attempt to conquer Fort Ticonderoga, at first his plan worked, but then the Rebels surrounded him and he was forced to surrender.