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because the land of France was taking oer.

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many of the people came that came to the Americas were seeking religious freedom from there religion and they build a new one in the Americas

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Some go there to study,work better jobs,or maybe the economy in Europe was slipping...Or maybe just to see interesting things in America!

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Q: Why did people from Europe come to America?
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Where did white people in America come from?

They were settlers from Europe

Who were the first people to come to North America from Northern Europe?


From what two continents did people come into the Americas?

The two continents that people came to America were from Europe and Africa.

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They didn't come from Europe, they come from south america.

When did Europe come to America?

Europe came to America because they felt like it :):):):):):):)tee-hee

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Why did Puritans come to the New World (America)?

The Puritans were a group of people, mostly families, who came from Europe to America to reform the church of England.

How did the Americans come to America?

By boats from Europe.

Did ragweed come from America or Europe?

America, so the new country

Where did the earliest non American Indian settlers in America come from?


Did religious conflicts in Europe come to America?

Of course.

How did American immigration influence the religious practices in America?

because America is not as corrupt as the other countries people like to come here and that's how America has such a diverse ethnic group and religions, people from Asia, Africa, and Europe.