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He felt he had he had done his share by serving two terms and was ready to go home and run his plantation. Also, he felt that it would set a bad precedent for the future if he served any more terms. He strongly believed that the presidency should not be a life-time or long-term job.

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Washington served two terms and refused to even consider serving any more even though he might have been elected again and again. He thus set a precedent that US presidents would never serve more than two terms. This unwritten law was observed for about 150 years,until FDR broke it. Now it is has officially been made law.

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Because George Washington felt satisfied and thought that two terms were enough for him.

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The amount of terms that Washington served as president was two and he did this because he was fed up with political quarreling.

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After serving two terms, Washington refused to seek a third, believing that two terms were the most that a president should serve

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Q: Why did president Washington only serve two terms as president?
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How many terms are a president allowed to serve?

2 terms. 8 years total.

George washington served two terms as president?

George Washington did serve two terms as President of the United States. He was in office from April 30, 1789 until March 4, 1797. His Vice President was John Adams.

How long is a president president for?

They serve in four year terms. Currently, a president can only serve 2 terms.

How many terms of office could a president serve?

They can serve only two terms.

Who can serve only two terms?


How many times was Washington elected president?

Washington was the only president never elected to his office - he was acclaimed to it. He served two terms, and could have served to his death, but thought no one person should serve more than two terms.

Precedent set by the first President of the US George Washington?

A major precedent was to serve only two terms as President. Washington could have run for a third term, but chose to step down instead.

What terms of office can a president only be elected to?

They can serve two terms.

Can serve up to two terms in office?

The President can only serve up to two terms in office.

Can a president serve four terms?

No. Only 2.

Who can only serve for two terms?

A US president.

What the president can serve?

if you mean how many terms they can serve, they can only serve two four-year terms at once but they can run again after another president has been elected.