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In the US we have only two parties, but many more 'interests'. The Democratic Party traditionally served liberals, progressives, labor, consumerism, etc. etc. The Republican Party served conservatives, capitalists, libertarians, etc. Both parties at different times served isolationists, racists, reactionaries, expansionists, imperialists, etc.

When one of these interest groups feels its party doesn't serve its needs, they will sometimes attempt to form their own parties. The Progressive Party, the Free Soilers, the Know Nothings, the 'American Independent Party' (of George Wallace) are examples of this.

In the case of the Progressive Party, Teddy Roosevelt was a very progressive president in the Republican Party. In fact his time in office was called 'The Progressive Era'. Roosevelt endorsed the next American president, Taft, thinking Taft would carry on TR's progressive agenda. When he didn't, Roosevelt got angry and decided to run against him as a third party candidate. His party is called the Bull Moose Party but that's a nickname, it was actually the Progressive Party.

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There have been three significant Progressive Parties in United States' history. Specifically, they are the Progressive Party of 1912 formed by Theodore Roosevelt, the Progressive Party of 1924 led by Robert M. La Follette, and the United States Progressive Party of 1948 led by Henry A. Wallace.

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The progressive party was formed after Taft won the Republican nomination since Theodore was furious with him.

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It was a party formed for/by Roosevelt during the election of 1912.

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Q: Why did progressives form their own political party?
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Why did the progressives form their own political party?

Progressives sided with Theodore Roosevelt when he disagreed with William Howard Taft over the trust "busting" issue

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progressive sided with theodore roosevelt when he disagreed with william howard taft over the trust ''busting'' issue

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At the 1912 election, Theodore Roosevelt was unhappy with Taft's policies so he formed his own political party called the Progressive Party. The votes for the Progressives and the Votes for the Republicans combined would have ensured the Republicans would have won, but the Democrats had the most electoral votes, so they won.

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