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Talk to any prison inmate about why they don't like being in prison. They get fed, housed and clothed as well.

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Q: Why did slaves think their work was so bad when they were housed fed and clothed?
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What was the main reason Indentured Servants were brought from England to New England?

They were to pay of debts from back in England. (old) They were housed. Furthermore, they were NOT forced to work like Slaves at the time.

What did slaves think about being forced to work?

I would think that they didn't like it too much.........

What did the colony do to supply laborers for the plantation feilds?

I have no clue, i think got slaves to do the work

What are some advantages of being a Hebrew slave?

Hebrew Slaves served their 6 year sentences instead of going to prison.Their master was required to give them work that fit their career before they became slavesThey were fed and clothed for 6 yearsThey were never slaves forever unless they voluntarily chose to be

Are the elves that work with Santa his slaves If not how much do you think that they get paid?

There are no such things as elves! Santa's fake!

What active did slave do in ancient Egypt?

Many slaves in ancient Egypt worked in the houses of the wealthy. They cooked, served food, cleaned, washed clothes and entertained members of the family. Remember there were no modern labour saving devices and household jobs had to be done by hand. It was hard graft. They were usually fairly treated, adequately clothed, housed and fed.Many slaves were less fortunate, forced to do humiliating, degrading and often dangerous work such as working on the land, digging canals, building monuments and temples, quarrying and worst of all working in the mines. They were usually naked and at the mercy of tough overseers. Food was pretty basic.

What would happen if slaves were too old to work?

What Happened If Slaves Were Too Old To Work?Slaves who were too old to work were given lesser duties such as cooking or tending to gardens. On a general basis slaves were in great physical shape because of the hard work they did and had longevity on their side.You honestly think slavery, which is founded on an evil belief of racial supremacy, would treat old slaves benevolently all the time? I think its safe to say that many slavers would gradually starve old slaves to death and I'm sure some had them shipped out somewhere and shot.

How would you get your slaves to work for you?

If enough people support the concept, then you can enforce punishments against the slaves if they don't work. Also, if you get into the slaves minds and make them believe that they you are superior to them, they will eventually give up. PS. Not a slave driver. Just trying to think like one.

If you are laid off and have no income and are waiting on unemployment check do you still have to pay child support and is it still the same amount even if you cant find work?

The reality is that the children will still need to be housed, clothed and fed, whether you are working or not.You may be able to get some relief on the short term from the court, but you'll have to ask them to find out.

How were slaves in ancient egypt treated?

Slaves were ranked at the bottom of Egyptian society. Slaves, like peasants, worked very hard. The more fortunate slaves worked in the homes of the rich. Household slaves were usually fairly treated, adequately fed and clothed. Other less fortunate slaves worked as labourers. They often were often naked and endured harsh treatment at the hands of their overseers.

What do you think was the most serious problem faced by serious in Virginia Why?

the slavery expansion. slaves were forced to work more

Why did the South think it would lose a lot of money if slavery was made illegal?

the slaves had to work in the cotton fields