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Some people opposed the Truman Doctrine because the plan ultimately ended up reversing the government's earlier decision not to get involved in European affairs. Many people wanted the U.S. to mind it's own business so as not to get involved in another war.

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Q: Why did some Americans oppose to the Truman Doctrine?
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Why did some Americans oppose the Truman Doctrine?

Some opponents objected to American interference in other nations affairs. Others argued that the United States could not afford to carry on a global crusade against cmmunism.

Why wasnt president Truman expected to win the 1948 election?

Some Americans disagreed with Truman's support of civil rights for African Americans.

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Cause they felt like it

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Why did some americans form political clubs known as democratic societies?

to oppose the federalists

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Joseph Truman has written: 'An endeavour to rectifie some prevailing opinions, contrary to the doctrine of the Church of England' -- subject(s): Church of England, Controversial literature

Why did Americans oppose the American Revolution?

Some Americans, called loyalists, still felt faithful to Britain and did not want to split from them.

The Truman doctrine was a program that rebuilt Europe after the allied powers had destroyed it and to some degree protected western Europe from the USSR?


Why did some Americans oppose the war?

They felt it simply wasn't their war to get into because the war was in Europe

Why did some Americans oppose Hamilton's plans?

It was thought to be unconstitutional

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Why President Harry Truman developed the Truman Doctine in 1947?

War with the Soviet Union was a possibility at some time in the future and it was essential to keep the Soviets from having ready access to the Mediterranean Sea. To provide military and econimic aid to Turkey and Greece and to resist the spread of communism the Truman Doctrine was created.