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Land, because they couldn't pay their taxes.

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Q: Why did state officials seize farmers land?
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Legislature that lowered the price of land to aid western farmers?

One result of the Panic of 1819 was the passage of the Land Act of 1820, which in part, lowered the price of land in order to help farmers. It was enacted on April 24.

Why does the slash and burn happen?

because its an easy way to clear land for farmers and people who want to use the land

What did masssachusetts farmers rebel against their state legislature?

Following the War of Independence, the farmers in Massachusetts were left dispossessed of their land and bankrupt. In 1786, Daniel Shays sought help from the state legislature to ease the burden of the farmers. He and his fellow farmers were hoping for relief as instituted in other states. The current legislature refused to help and the Federal Government could not help because the governing document at the time was "The Articles of Confederation" which gave no power for the Federal Government to intercede. Shays had over 1,100 farmers who joined in. The Shay's Rebellion was about blocking court from sitting to hear the cases of farmers ready to lose their land. The rebellion became violent and the Governor of Massachusetts, James Bowdoin, sent in the militia. The rebellion had ended but the voices were heard as Massachusetts elected a new legislature who enacted relief programs for the indebtors.

How did the enclosure movement affect farmers?

It gave farmers more to tools to have. Like they had more goods, so they had more demand, so they were getting more money.The enclosure movement affected farmers through loss of farms and livelihood forcing them to migrate to cities.

In what social class did farmers belong?

The lowest but largest groups in Egyptian society was made up of farmers and unskilled workers. Even though there were divisions in Egyptian class structures, ambitious people in the lower classes were able to improve their social position.

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Why did officials seize farmers land?

Land, because they couldn't pay their taxes.

Why did states seize farmers land?

Land, because they couldn't pay their taxes.

What side would you have supported during shay's rebellion the farmers or the officials who called out the militia?

I Would Have Taken The Farmers Side Because They Were Able To Keep Thier Homes And Land On The Farm.

The action that the Ancient Greeks were likely to take when starting?

Seize someone else's land and turn it into a city-state.

How is crop rotation important to cotton farmers?

Crop rotation was important to farmers because it helped them out by making it easier to crop in the winter from different land in another state.

What did confederate officers seize in the civil war?


What do farmers use to till land?

Farmers use a tractor and a plow or chisleplow to till land

The transportation revolution was not important in the south as it was in the north because?

farmers spent most of their time on or near their land

For what country did conquistadores seize land in the 16th century?


Industrialization through SEZ is not a boon for Indian poor?

farmers land is grabbed farmers land is grabbed

How did tenant farmers stay on the land after losing their farmers?

by renting land to farm from larger landowners-novanet

Ancient greek who gave land to landless farmers?

Tyrants gave land to the landless farmers