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because its an easy way to clear land for farmers and people who want to use the land

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Q: Why does the slash and burn happen?
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Why is slash and burn called slash and burn?

when people cut down trees it is called slash and when they burn the leftover it is called burn when you combine slash and burn it is slash and burn.

Is slash and burn helpful or harmful?

Slash and burn does not sound helpful, it sounds harmful.

When was Slash 'n' Burn created?

Slash 'n' Burn was created on 1992-03-16.

Are Slash-and-burn farming techniques Mayan?

yes the slash and burn is a Mayan technique the slashed everything and burn and then they started planting

What is 'slash and burn' in regards to textiles?

I think slash and burn has nothing to do with textiles. Slash and burn is a farming method where trees and small bushes are slashed/cut and burned to provide clear land for farming.

How do you use the words slash and burn in a sentence?

The forest was cleared using a slash and burn technique to make way for a new agricultural farm.

Where does slash and burn happen?

Slash and burn agriculture, also known as swidden farming, typically occurs in tropical regions such as parts of Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. This method involves cutting and burning vegetation to clear land for farming, but it can have negative impacts on the environment by depleting soil nutrients and contributing to deforestation.

Who invented slash and burn?


How did the Aztecs increase farmland?

slash and burn

How did Aztecs increase their farmlands?

slash and burn

Which of these was important to Olmec agriculture A. slash-and-burn techniques B. crop rotation C. plantation farming D. cattle domestication?

A. slash-and-burn techniques

Slash-and-burn agriculture can lead to?

surplus crawl