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why did the caribs came to the caribbean

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finish the plantation

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if you do mot have an answer plz do not write any thing because I am busting my brain on stupidness guys are writing and this is for my essay

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Q: Why did the Caribs come to the Caribbean?
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How did the caribs and the arwaks came to the Caribbean?

they sailed to get to the Caribbean

How did Caribbean get its name?

the Caribbean got its name from the caribs

Why did the spanish come to the Caribbean?

i think it was because they where running away from the Caribs and looking for new land

Where did the caribs settled in the Caribbean?

Lesser Antilles

Why the Caribbean was named after the caribs?

because they were warriors that took over the Caribbean sea

Define the Caribbean?

Pertaining to the Caribs, the Lesser Antilles, or the Caribbean Sea and its islands.

Which Caribbean countries did the caribs settle?

The Caribs settled in Caribbean countries such as Anguilla,Barbados,St.Lucia and St.Vincent and The Grenadines

Who were the first people to live in the Caribbean?

tainos and caribs

Who were the first inhabitant of the Caribbean?

they were the Ciboney, the Arawaks, and the Caribs.

First people to live in Caribbean islands?

caribs and the arawaks

Where in the caribbean did the caribs settled?

Lesser Antilles

You want to know what is the meaning of the word Caribbean?

pertaining to the Caribs, the Lesser Antilles, or the Caribbean Sea and its islands.