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By requiring cooperation between the Executive and Legislative branches in regard to the particular task of appointing federal judges, the Founders (or, Framers) of the U.S. intended to establish balance in government and to avoid rapid (and radical) political change. No single governmental branch is able to appoint judges in their vital roles (balance); the process requires discussion, even debate (slow change).

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This requirement serves as a check on the president's power and helps guarantee that the appointments will be good ones.

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Q: Why did the Framers create a system of appointing judges that required cooperation between the President and the Senate?
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How did the framers do to the contribution in the constitution?

The framers ensured that that there was enough ambiguity in the Constitution. This was done to encourage compromise and cooperation about concepts and not get bogged down in specifics.

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Which method of selecting president did many of the framers initially favor?

Congress chooses the President.

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The framers of the Constitution intended the President to have ordinance powers. The powers directly granted the Presidency depend on the President's ability to issue and implement orders, or to authorize subordinates to do so.

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