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because when the Jamestown people came and settled they had more people come they started pushing people off their land

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Q: Why did the Powhatan kill hundreds of Jamestown settlers?
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What did the Powhatan kill hundreds of Jamestown settlers?

because they took over more powhatan land

Why did Powhatan kill hundred of Jamestown settlers?

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Why did conflicts increase between the Powhatan and Virginia colonists?

The main reason that conflict increased between the Virginia Colonists and the Powhatan Indians was because the Powhatan were being pushed off their lands to accommodate the Colonists. Then Captain John Smith was captured by the Powhatan Indians and Pocahontas saved his life.

Initially the Powhatan Indians reacted to the Virginia colonists by?

The Powhatan Native Americans reacted to the Virginia colonists by attempting to kill them all.

Why did colonist kill Powhatan leader?

they killed the leader by accident

When did Powhatan decide to stop trading with the colonists?

When Jamestown men landed on the land near the James River they were in an Native American empire of 15,000. The Powhatan never traded with them and they did nothing to them, but sat and waited for them to die. The fort was built on the worse land in the area and the Powhatan knew this. It was swampy with bad water and mosquitoes and they knew that disease and starvation would soon kill most of the men. They were right. Within 6 months of the 107 who arrived 34 were left alive.

How did poverty change Jamestown?

to get more to kill

What brought powhatan confederacy to an end?

Well, I'm guessing, not sure, but I think it was in 1622 when colonists kill a Powhatan leader, and the fight between the two lasted about 20 years.

Why did the powhatan want to kill john smith?

Pocahontas risked her life for Smith But that is just a story that john Smith told: On his way to one village, Smith said that he was captured by Powhatan Indian scouts. Their chief, also called Powhatan, thought that Smith must die. Smith described that Powhatan's men held his head against a rock. Smith saw them raise their weapons. Suddenly, the cheif's daughter, Pocahontas, rushed forward. She "got [my] head in her arms," Smith declared, "and laid her own upon [mine] to save [me] from death."

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Why did Pocahontas's father almost kill john smith?

Pocahontas's dad Powhatan wanted to kill Pocahontas, because John Smith kept on bring other people from England to America and invaded their land. Pocahontas put her head on John Smith so Powhatan did not kill them both John Smith and Pocahontas: the beautiful, the most favorite, princess, etc.

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