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the patriots would tar and feather them like the tax collectors

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Q: Why did the Tories flee from the American patriots?
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Term by which the American patriots were commonly known to distinguish them from the American tories?

Whigs. Tories were the Loyalists.

What is the tern by which the American Patriots were commonly known to distinguish them from the American Tories?


The term by which the American Patriots were commonly known to distinguish them from the American Tories?

the Whigs

Who were the Patriots Loyalist Tories and Neutral?

The Tories were - Loyalists The Patriots were - Rebels No Neutral team

Why did the Tories flee the US?

The Tories fled the US during the American Revolutionary War because they were loyal to the British crown and were at risk of persecution or harm by the American patriots who were fighting for independence. Many Tories left the US and went back to Britain or other British territories.

The best estimate of the proportion of Patriots and Tories during the war for independence is that?

Patriots were more numerous than Tories, but large numbers of Americans were indifferent.

What was the conflict between the Tories and the Patriots?

The Patriots and the Tories were two groups of people during the American Revolution. The Patriots were a group of "rebels" against the King(George III) and wanted freedom and independence in America. The Tories were "loyalists", that is, loyal to the King. They were against independence in America and were proud of being British. They most likely just didn't want conflict with Britain during this time.

What colonists supported the American Revolution?

the patriots not the stupid football team either

Where the tories loyalists who betrayed the patriots?

Benedict Arnold

Did the patriots fight the British?

yes, the patriots fought the British in the Revolutionary war. so don't think it was a loyalists or tories.

Why do some call the American revolution America's first civil war?

it was the war that pitted patriots not only against the brtish but also the tories

What was the colonist called that favored Britain during the revolution?

tories, or loyalists. whichever you prefer really