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To go back and get some more supplies and to protect tax collectors

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to go back and get more food and supplies

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Q: Why did the british have to abandon Boston in march 1776?
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Why did general howe abandon Boston in march 1776?

they set up cannons around Boston and he had a plan before that

Which city did the British retreat from in March 1776?

The British left Boston in March 1776. They left for Canada to regroup to fight in other places including New York.

What did the British do when the Continental Army surrounded them in Boston on March 4 1776?

They fought back.

When did the British flee Boston?

The British evacuated the city on March 17, 1776, after the patriots had fortified Dorchester Heights.

Why were George Washington troops jubilant March 17 1776?

Becausebtheyb where ready to fight and were prepsring for a fight

Was Boston under British or loyalist control during the American Revolutionary War?

Boston was under British control until March of 1776. Washington commanded the patriot army which was outside Boston, keeping the British penned up in town. The patriots had captured Fort Ticonderoga on Lake Champlain. Washington sent Henry Knox to bring the cannon from the captured Fort to Boston. This took months, and the dismounted cannon were hauled on ox sleds across New England in the freezing winter of 1775-6. When ready, over one night in March 1776 the patriots fortified Dorchester Heights overlooking Boston and emplaced the cannon there. This made the entire British position in Boston untenable, so the British boarded their ships and evacuated Boston. Boston remained in patriot hands for the rest of the war. When the British evacuated Boston in March 1776 there were no British troops anywhere in the thirteen colonies, but they would soon be back.

Who was the commander of the city of Boston during the British evacuation in March 1776?

Nathanael Greene (George Washington assigned him the command of the city).

Where did George Washington place his cannon to pound the British in Boston?

The cannons were placed in the Roxbury area in Boston during the Siege of Boston. The Siege of Boston occurred from April 19, 1775 to March 17, 1776.

When was the Boston massacrer?

Monday, March 5, 1776

British leave Boston what date did that happen?


About how far was Washington's march from Boston to New York?

Washington's March from Boston to New York was Approximately 200 miles. The March took place in 1776 after the successful siege of Boston.

How long was the Boston harbor closed in 1775?

I'll put it this way: The British never re-opened it. When they left in March of 1776, it was opened again.