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people need to stop being immature on this site and have some common sense before they post something ridiculous, respect for the person who posted a question that they really need an answer to, and dignity for themselves.

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The Articles of Confederation did not create enough of a "central government". It was too "states rights orientated". Not enough cohesion was there thus the US Constitution.

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They didn’t work.

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Q: Why did the framers abandon the Articles of Confederation?
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A major intention of the framers of the Articles of Confederation?

The intent of the framers of the Articles of Confederation was to create a small government. The framers also sought to create a cohesive Constitution.

What did farmers learn from the Articles of Confederation?

The FARMERS is incorrect. It is the FRAMERS of the US Constitution. Please see:What did the Framers of the US Constitution learn from the Articles of Confederation?

The framers had a valid reason to discard the articles of confederation?


What is the definition of the framers of the Articles of Confederation?

The Framers of the Articles of Confederation were the delegates who drafted and adopted the Articles of Confederation, which served as the first constitution of the United States from 1781 to 1789. These Framers included leaders such as John Dickinson, John Hanson, and Thomas McKean, among others. They aimed to create a loose confederation of states with a weak central government, reflecting the fear of centralized authority that emerged from the American Revolutionary War.

Which event caused the framers to go back and revise the articles of confederation?

shays rebellion

What influenced the constitution?

The Constitution was influenced by the Articles of Confederation. When the framers wrote the Constitution, they had only intended to amend the Articles, but a whole new document emerged.

The Framers based their decision to deny the States the currency power on?

The Articles of the Confederation is what the framers based its decisions to deny currency power. currency power is the ability to regulate money.

How did the goal of the framers when they met at the independence hall change?

The goal of the farmers when they met at independence hall was to to revise the articles of confederation.

In what ways did the framers try to improve on the Articles of Confederation?

The Framers revised the Articles because many thought that the states needed more power.The states thought it was too much like the British government so they wanted more power.

Why could the constitution be called an illegal document under the articles of confederation?

The Constitution was originally intended to amend the Articles of Confederation and the framers decided to replace it. It would be considered illegal because the Articles required all of the states to ratify amendments and the Constitution only required nine of 13.

What document preceded the constitution as the framework for American government?

the articles of confederation

The U.S. Constitution replaced the Articles of what?

The Articles of Confederation.