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because the Catholic curch largely controlled the governments of Europe.

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because the Catholic curch largely controlled the governments of Europe.

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Q: Why did the king of Spain command Catholic priests to teach Native Americans Christianity?
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What religion was practiced at missions and who lived in the missions?

nativeAmericans lived there. the Chumash tribe and many more

Why do you think the king of Spain commanded catholic priest to teach native Americans about Christianity?

There are two possible reasons ( others may exist as well ) for Spain's attempts to Christianize the Native Americans in the New World. One reason was the sincere belief that by doing so, they were helping these Native Tribes to discover God and thus establish a relationship with their Creator. This could have been a sincere goal. The other reason would be to bring the Native Americans into the "fold" of Catholic Spain, and thus have a measure of commonality among the two peoples. It must be remembered that "religion" was a stronger force in the colonail days of Spain then perhaps it is now.

What effects did the missions have on native Americans?

The missions didn't help the Native Americans. Many were killed by the priests and put into mass graves ( the graves are still there), they were not allowed to practice their cultural rites or to speak native languages, and they were required to work at the mission. I think even worse than the mission system was the government Native American schools. Children were taken from their parents and tribe to live at the schools. They were not allowed to speak native languages or learn the traditional things about their tribe.

What ciy was burned during general sherman's march to sea?

Union General made Atlanta his southern headquarters for a month after he took control of the city. Upon his orders to advance well into Georgia, he burned down much of Atlanta. Catholic priests begged Sherman not to burn down orphan homes and hospitals and Sherman agreed to that.

What was Moche's Government?

It was a Theocratic Religion Based geovernment where the priests had the largest say, along with warriors and shamans.

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What kind of relationship do you think existed between the native Americans and the catholic priests?

It was like oil and water they dnt want 2 met

Is it appropriate for a christian to wear a prayer shawl?

Christianity comes from Judaism, and it's the Catholic Priests who wear them.

Why do you think the king of Spain commanded Catholic priest to teach the Native Americans Christianity?

During the ages in which the New World was explored and colonized by European powers, there were several reasons for the Spanish rulers to command their priests to teach Natives about Christianity and also to convert them to it. One was the conviction of the Spanish that Christianity was absolute truth. Another was the conviction that Native Americans were backwards peoples. Another was the conviction that, in being converted to the Spanish religion, the Native peoples would become more willing subjects of Spain.

What do priests wear in the uniting church?

exactly what the roman catholic church priests wear so they don't change their clothing just because of their different Christianity.

Are there currently any female priests in the Catholic Religion?

If you mean priests, no. There are no female Catholic priests

Why did conquistadors bring priests with them?

The Spanish wanted to convert the heathen Americans to the one true faith, Christianity. In order to convert these people, priests would be necessary.

What are the differences between Catholic and Christian priests?

None, Catholic priests are Christian priests.

Why did king of Spain commanded Catholic priests to teach Native Americana about Christianity?

cuz he is Christian and he want to every one in Spain to be

What did the priests in the Spanish mission hope to do?

They hoped to minister to travelers and to convert the native Americans to christianity.

What is the main religon in England?

It identifies as neither Catholic nor Protestant, but following a "via media"--a middle way. Women priests and gay priests are allowed. The Queen is the head of the church.

When was Society of Catholic Priests created?

Society of Catholic Priests was created in 1994.

Are there any married Catholic priests practicing in Houston?

No. Catholic priests do not get married.