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Because they wanted to

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Q: Why did the redcoats tie bess near the window?
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Why did the the soldier's tie bess to the bed by the window The highwayman?

In the poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes, the soldier tied Bess to the bed to use her as leverage to capture the highwayman. He wanted to catch the highwayman red-handed by using Bess as bait in the hopes of trapping him when he arrived to meet her.

Why did they tie Bess up?

They tied Bess up so that she wouldn't get away!

What is the highway man about?

Heey The Highway man is poem from Alfred Noyes Its about Highway man of corse and a girl Bess Its about The Highway Man Kissing Bess and Tim the Osarler is Jealous he tells King George and King Georges men wait at Besses Window they tie her up and 2 guns by her side She worns the Highwayman by shooting her self he realises it by Morning he comes to savee her but he gets killed to What a sad story Right !! Hopee It Hellps !

Where are the child seat tie downs on a 2001 Chevrolet Suburban Z71 4WD?

This type of vehicle does not have child seat tie downs. Child seat tie downs are located in the back window area of a vehicle and in a Suburban the seats do not sit by the a back window so they do not exist.

How would you paraphrase The Highwayman?

Stanza 1 This stanza tells about the setting of the poem. The setting is dark, windy and cloudy. The highwayman is riding up to the inn. Stanza 2 The appearance of the highwayman is described. The man was well dressed and was perhaps a gentleman. Stanza 3 The highwayman was going to visit Bess, the landlord's daughter. Stanza 4 The highwayman is going to rob someone, but Tim the ostler is listening. Both Tim and the highwayman love Bess. Stanza 5 Before the highwayman leaves he smells Bess' perfume and thinks about how much he loves her. Stanza 6 King George's men went to the inn. The highwayman did not go to the inn. They probably went to the inn because Tim told them. Stanza 7 King George's men gagged and tied Bess. The men were holding muskets while waiting for the highwayman. Stanza 8 Bess has a musket pointed at her and the king's men are making jokes at her. Stanza 9 Bess is trying to free herself and she is able to touch the trigger of the musket. Stanza 10 Bess looks out the window and does not see the highwayman. The road is bare. Bess wanted to warn the highwayman that the king's men were at the inn. Stanza 11 The highwayman is beginning to get closer to the inn and the footsteps of the horse are heard. Stanza 12 Bess has died because she was trying to warn the highwayman. Stanza 13 At dawn the highwayman hears that Bess has died and had killed herself because she was trying to wait for him to warn him about the king's men. Stanza 14 The highwayman was going back to the inn. He was enraged that the men had killed Bess. When he got back to the inn, he got shot and died. Stanza 15 Sometimes on a winter night, the highwayman (ghost) can be heard riding to the inn. Stanza 16 The highwayman (ghost) was whistling a tune to the window so that Bess (ghost) would meet him.

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