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The first capital of Illinois was moved from Kaskaskia to Vandalia because some people wished the capital to be further inside of the state. They also hoped that by moving the capital city it would encourage more people to move to other parts of the state.

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Q: Why did they change the Illinois capital from Kaskaskia to Vandalia?
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What cities in Illinois have been Illinois' capitals?

The first was located in Kaskaskia, Illinois, a city on the Mississippi River founded by the French in 1709. Kaskaskia had served as the territorial capital of Illinois since 1809, so it was deemed an appropriate location for the capital of the fledgling state. The first capitol building was rented by the state and was by all accounts a simple two-story building which the state leased for $4.00 a day.In 1820, with the completion of the new, or "Second", capitol, Vandalia, Illinois, became the capital of the state. (In 1881 this decision to move the capital became wise in hindsight, as Kaskaskia was destroyed by a sudden change in the course of the Mississippi River.)A third capitol was soon erected for a cost of $15,000. Soon after its erection, calls began to echo around the state to move the capitol to a location nearer the center of the state. A bill was introduced in 1833 calling for a statewide vote to determine a new location from a list of central choices including Alton, Jacksonville, Peoria, Springfield, Vandalia, and the state's actual geographic center. While Alton emerged the victor, the legislature determined the slim margin too small to be conclusive, and the vote was aborted.In 1836, a young lawyer named Abraham Lincoln, along with other colleagues of his in the legal profession, began to push the notion of moving the capitol to Springfield, Illinois. That summer the third capitol was torn down and replaced with the fourth capitol (built at a cost of $16,000) in an effort to keep the capitol in Vandalia. Although the new brick structure was extravagant, the General Assembly ignored the gesture and sided with Lincoln, voting to move the Capitol to Springfield on February 25, 1837.Kaskasia was the first capital of Illinois Territory and the state of Illinois. In 1819 the state capital was moved to Vandalia. In 1837 the capital was moved to Springfield.

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