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Thomas Savery built the steam engine because his mom slapped him if he didn't

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Uh.. Because trains are to heavy to push :-

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Q: Why did thomas savery invent the steam engine?
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Who developed a practical steam engine?

A steam powered water pump was invented in 1698 by an Englishman, Thomas Savery. In 1712, Thomas Newcomen improved the Savery engine but it was still very inefficient. Then Scottish inventor James Watt improved the Newcomen engine and is credited with inventing the first working steam engine. However steam power was first mentioned by the Greek inventor Hero in Alexandra, Egypt in the first century, AD. It was called the aeolipile and was a simple metal ball that contained water. There were two tubes sticking out on opposite sides of the ball with a 90 degree bend that went in opposite directions. When heated over a fire, the water boiled in the ball and came out the tubes, which made it spin.

Which of the following best describes James Watts' contribution to the Industrial Revolution?

He made Thomas Newcomen's steam engine a really working machine by using pistons and a cylinder connected with a beam to a wheel. Stem engine was used in all kinds of industry: rextile, iron-making, mining; in transport: Fulton's steam ship, Stephenson's steam locomotive, and later in agricultire as well.

What was the significance of the steam engine in the 19th century?

The steam engine was very significant in the 19th century. It allowed a new way for people to travel, and was important in the United States' society.Ê

What disadvantages did the steam engine have over the water wheel?

steam engine consumes a lot of fuel with pollution it requires maintenance, development and more money for constructionit can not be used everywhere, special arrangements like petrol pumps were not there

What was the first railroad steam engine nicknamed?

The first railroad built in the United States was Baltimore and Ohio Railroad which was called BandO. The first steam locomotive was nicknamed Tom Thumb.

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