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steam engine consumes a lot of fuel with pollution it requires maintenance, development and more money for construction
it can not be used everywhere, special arrangements like petrol pumps were not there

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Q: What disadvantages did the steam engine have over the water wheel?
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What was a bigger revolution in transport the wheel or the steam engine?

the wheel because without the wheel the steam engine would have nothing to power :P

How do you make locomotive in doodle?

cart+steam engine

What does the steam do for the steam boat?

Steam powers the Steam Engine, which in turn powers the propeller (prop) or paddle-wheel.

How do you make car on alchemy game on droid?

tool + wood= wheel, wheel + wood = cart, cart + combustion engine= car if you don't have combustion engine it's boiler+coal= steam engine, steam engine + gasoline = combustion engine.

How did the steam engine work?

Water is boiled in a boiler and the steam is used to force a piston up and down. The crank of the piston is attached to the outside of a wheel, like a railway engine. As the piston goes up and down, the wheel turns. The turning wheel can drive a locomotive, or any kind of tractor, grinding mill, pump etc.

What the mpg between front wheel drive and all wheel drive?

it depend on the type of fuel, for instence if you are using water in a steam engine then you will most likely get horrible mpg

How did steam engine change the technology of the time?

The leap in technology from a horse drawn cart, or water wheel, to a steam engine (train on tracks or fixed bed in a factory) was huge, and provided the means for the Industrial Revolution to take off.

Are steamboats related to locomotives?

A steamboat has a steam engine to drive its paddle wheel or screws to push the boat along in the water. The original railway locomotives had steam engines to drive their wheels. That's the relationship.

What does a steam powered car have?

a seat steering wheel wind sheild engine

What is the significance of the steam engine was not created?

the steam engine along with the spinning wheel were the start of the industrial revolution during the 19th century. If i wasn't created the world would no be how we know it.

What is meant by prime mover of a machine?

A machine, such as a water wheel or steam engine, that receives and modifies energy as supplied by some natural source or fuel and transforms it into mechanical work.

Is a turbine a large wheel that rotates when pushed by water wind or steam?

Yes, a turbine is a device that consists of a large wheel that rotates when pushed by water, wind, or steam. This rotation is used to generate mechanical power, which is often converted into electricity in power plants.