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Q: What President received a 1235 lb cheese wheel from Pennsylvania?
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Who was the US president who turned the white house into a cheese party?

Perhaps you are thinking of Andrew Jackson who was given a huge wheel of cheese by an admirer.

Which us president held a cheese party at the White House?

Andrew Jackson was given a huge wheel of cheese and invited the public to the White House to help eat it.

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Cheese Home

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The answer is a Cheese Wheel.

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believe it or not the fifth wheel

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Where was the big wheel made in 1975?

Eri Pennsylvania

Where can you buy choad bro chills cheese wheel nuggets?

I think you got this product from the answer of the question "What is Han eating in Tokyo Drift", I don't think Choad Bro Chills Cheese Wheel Nuggets exist, because if the name, it makes no sense, and the product, "cheese wheel nuggets"?

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