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I am sorry but we can't answer because we don't understand what you want to know. Please clarify.

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Q: Why didn't Washington want to go?
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What president originaly didn't want to be president?

the one that didnt want to orginally? washington geroge

Did geogre Washington go to college?

no he didnt because he was interested in physical stuff

Which president didnt live in Washington?

George Washington

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Why didnt the patriots want King George to rule them?

George Washington was an inspiration to them. They had great respects for him. He was also a strong leader to the partriots.

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What did George Washington do at the meeting?

He said his farewells & retired from being the leader but then they didnt want him to leave so then they asked him to become the president, which he then did become.

Why did General Washington and General Rochambeau move their armies south to Virginia from New York?

they didnt want to walk and it was an easier place to have a battle at.

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When did George Washington invent the scissors?

he didnt

How did George Washington define truth?

he didnt lie