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Cultural diffusion stion…

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Q: Why do Which phrase best explains why the items listed below which began in the US are now also popular in Japan?
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What is a good source of finding travel information on popular Japan attractions?

A good source of finding travel information on popular Japan attractions online at Japan National Tourism Organization. They have listed all the places to go, suggested itineraries. You can even learn about Japan in depth.

Why it's important to know the China is one of japan's closets neighbors?

it explains why Japan's culture reflects a Chinese influence...........

What are the popular things in Japan?

sushi is popular in japan

What is the popular sport in Japan?

Baseball is a very popular sport in Japan

What is a popular section of Buddhism in Japan?

Zen and Nichiren are both popular in Japan.

Why Japan is popular?

One of the reasons Japan is popular is for the sumo wrestling that they perform.

Why is silk worm popular in Japan?

A lot of silk is produced in Japan, which is why silk worms are so popular there.

What Flowers are popular in Japan?

The most popular flower in Japan is the Sakura, which is the cherry blossom.

Is football a popular sport in Japan?

Yes, it is one of the most popular sports in Japan.

What is the most popular sedan in Japan?

The most popular sedan in Japan is the Toyota Corolla.

What does the phrase Alphaville Big In Japan refer to?

The phrase Alphaville Big in Japan refers to a song that is titled Big In Japan by a group called Alphaville. They are a German group that recorded the song in 1984.

Which phrase describes the political organization of early japan?

The phrase "imperial state supported by a strong bureaucracy" describes the political organization of early Japan.