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Without the participation of the people of any country that believes in the doctrine that all are created equal, have the freedom of religion (or not), the ability to work, prosper in their chose of lifestyle, and respect the beliefs of others; then anarchy is the outcome. All who voice their opinion and vote for the best person to represent the majority have the protection of their convictions. Those who do not take the consequences of no voice in their government on their behalf.

Also, our country (Canada) has the privilege of being democratic and we get to choose our leaders and who we think will help our home prosper. If we don't participate then it is useless. What is 20 minutes of your time helping your country to you? A waste of time? You shouldn't even have to ask this question!

How quick you answered, did you really understand what this question is about? In the United States, we have a huge problem now of " apathy and indifference toward government" oh yes, only 40% come to the voting polls and they are a small representation of the vast number of voters that fail to use the power of their vote. The original founding fathers who made our "Constitution with its Bill of Rights" are rolling over in their graves at the sorry state we have become. The Minority, will and has thwarted the needs and the will of the majority in this country." There is no honor or social convictions toward the elderly, needy, uneducated, poor, but there is "a strong odor of self serving in government, and corporate agendas to control and change the basis of economy and the Constitution our foundling fathers created (so the people could have a voice). The wedge of the "American Pie" is now on the lays of the minority and not in the whole anymore. Elected officials are there to do the bidding of the citizens of this country and they are failing! The "oligarchy" control of the past 15 plus years has caused this country to be a dismal testimony to what we have became a nation of. I for one cry "for shame America, for shame!"

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The citizens of a country are the decision makers of what the government will do or not do. When they do not participate by voting, learning the facts about new laws or actions of the government they have no right to complain about the government. Only one out of three people vote and they do not participate in local, state, or federal government allowing others to do the work. Because of this the foundation of the constitution is eroded. Democracy takes work to keep it.

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Q: Why do people participate in the decision-making process of the government?
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