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Only seats in the House of Representatives need to be reapportioned. The number of representatives each state is allowed is based on population. To see that each state has the appropriate number of representatives, the Constitution requires that a census be conducted every ten years to determine the population of each state. States with a significant change in population since the previous census will see their representation rise or fall accordingly. For example, based on the 2010 Census, it appears that California will gain one seat in the House of Representatives; Illinois will lose one seat. In recent decades, southern and western states have gained representatives because of the increase in population in those regions. States in the northeast and around the Great Lakes have seen decreases in their populations, thus a corresponding loss of representatives.

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Because of people moving around, being born, and dying, the populations of districts don't necessarily stay proportional. Reapportionment is meant to prevent the distribution of representatives from becoming extremely unfair.

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Q: Why do reapportionment occur?
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The assignment of congress of congressional seats after each census is called?


Who does reapportionment affect?

the census poops on it

What does reapportionment do?

1.) Reapportionment is the act of readjusting representation in a legislature, particularly in the US Congress where representation may have to be adjusted due to changes in populations.

What is the reallocation of seats in the House of Representatives?


How is reapportionment determined?

Reapportionment works in a clear manner. This is a state where someone is recalled to a former position of work and they get appointed afresh.

How does reapportionment affect representation in the house of representatives?

it made it permanent.

The size of the House of Representatives comes from the?

reapportionment act of 1929

How often does congressional reapportionment occur in the US?

Reapportionment occurs every 10 years, following the constitutionally-mandated US census. The last census was in 2000. Reapportionment is done on a state-by-state basis; most states redrew their maps in 2001, while Georgia and Texas (famously) redrew their maps twice, in 2001 and again in 2003 after control of the legislature had switched from the Democrats to the Republicans. The next reapportionment will be after the 2010 census; for most states this means in 2011.

Which term describes the process by which a state gains or loses a congressional seat?


What keeps the number of members in the house of representatives set where it is?

The Reapportionment Act of 1929

The practice of drawing district lines to gain political advantage is called?

Gerrymandering or reapportionment

What is the process of setting up new congressional districts after reapportionment called?