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Birds sing in the early spring as a mating call. They also will make loud noises to scare off other birds or squirrels trying to bother their nests.

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Q: Why do some birds sing in early spring?
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What makes a lark appear happy?

Some birds only sing in the early morning and in the evening, but larks sing all day long, and the song is pleasant and cheerful.

What time of year do blackbird chicks hatch?

Usually spring, but some birds of prey begin courtship in late winter.

What can some birds do that other birds can't?

a penguin cannot fly and others can

. How do birds learn to sing some songs?

Observational learning

What are some spring words that begin with the letter N?

Nest is a spring word. The birds build nests in the spring.

Is it true that Birds are the only animals that sing for mates?

no some humans do

What do birds do?

"Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly" Well most birds do. They eat, sleep, and reproduce. Some sing, some build nests, some migrate for the winter.

What are some animals that sing?

Birds, some canines, frogs, toads, types of insects, etc.

Would worms be safe if they got up early?

No because birds get up early too and some birds are nocturnal.

What are some great early bloomers for spring?

There are many good flowers that are early bloomers in the Spring time. Flowers such as daffodils, Irus Reticulata, Forsythia, and Scilla all are early Spring bloomers.

When do birds make their nests?

Before their species respective breeding season. In some areas and for some species, that is spring. In Pennsylvania, Great Horned Owls have built and are on eggs in January. In the south, there are species that breed throughout the year.

Birds migrate to the North in response to what?

Changes in the day length. This can be understood as longer days in spring for some birds.