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The candidate may be doing so well that the other eligible persons all support the first candidate.

Someone who wishes to oppose is not eligible for candidacy.

No one cares enough to enter the election themselves.

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Q: Why do some candidates run unopposed?
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What president did not run against any candidates?

George Washington and James Monroe(1820) were unopposed .

Use the word unopposed in a sentence?

My answer went unopposed. How can a public official run for office unopposed? If was as if our team was unopposed.

Who were the presidential candidates in 1820?

James Monroe ran unopposed in 1820. It was called the Era of Good Feeling.

When you run for office unopposed what is it called?

a default election

Was George Washington reelected unopposed?

No, John Adams, George Clinton, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr were all candidates, but Washington was a shoo in.

Did Obama run unopposed for the us senate?

Yes. No. His Republican opponent was Alan Keyes.

Who was the first president after George Washington to run for reelection virtually unopposed?

James Monroe

Who was the olny presidential candiate other than George Washington to run unopposed?

Abe Lincoln

Did Washington run against anyone as president?

No, George Washington ran unopposed in both of his presidential elections.

If two candidates run for class president and five candidates run for class vice-president how many different combinations of president and vice-president are possible?

2 candidates * 5 vice-president candidates = 10 combinations.

What are people who run in elections called?


Who is running for primary election of House Of Representative for El Paso?

For the 16th Congressional District of Texas, Corey Roen ran unopposed for the Republican Party, and Beto O'Rourke ran unopposed for the Democratic Party. For the 23rd Congressional District, Pete P. Gallego ran unopposed for the Democratic Party, and the Republican candidates were Quico Canseco, Will Hurd and Robert Lowry. The 23rd District Republican candidate will be decided in the May 27 Primary Runoff Election between Quico Canseco and Will Hurd.