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Because to amend the Constitution you have to propose an amendment in Congress, then it has to be formally passed by Congress. After being passed by Congress, the amendment is sent to the states to be ratified, but it has to be ratified by 3/4 of the states within a 10 year limit, otherwise the amendment is not added to the list of amendments

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Q: Why do you think the US Constitution has been amended only twenty seven times?
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What has the US Constitution amended over?

what I think is that they amended the Constitution to reduce the risks and give its citizens a few basic rights

How many times has the state of Georgia Constitution been amended?

Georgia's constitution has been amended 10 times.

Why would the constitution be amended?

Because it was not correct and it took away peoples rights...I think!

What is one way the US Constitution may be amended?

i think it is because the supreme court may make changes to it.

How are amendments made to the constitution?

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Why do you think the constitution has leasted more than 200 years?

It has a built in process where it can be amended and the three branches can't work without the other.

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Why do you think the flexibility of the constitution has been important to American society?

Although the founding fathers were brilliant in creating a foundation for government in America, they knew that the Constitution was far from perfect. That is why the constitution is known as a living document because as society changes (ex. abolishing of slavery) the constitution changes as well. The constitution can be amended and new clauses can be added.

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Which president passed the twenty-eighth amendment?

27 amendments to the U. S. Constitution have been ratified. Besides, I don't think the President has anything to do with the process of amending the Constitution.