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i think that the creeks fougth with the British because they think that the British won most of the war

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Q: Why do you think the creeks fought with the British?
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Who in the Revolutionary War fought for money?

British I think but not sure

Which president was captured by British soldiers?

well I think George Washington was imprisoned because he was the one who fought the british

Was Andrew Jackson in the creek war?

Most major military leaders have fought in many battles near creeks.

Who were mercenaries who fought for the British.?

In the War of Independence, the Germanic Hessians fought for and with British soldiers.

Who fought for the British.?


Who fought during the Boston Massacre?

A small group of Americans fought with rocks and British solders fought with guns. The British won.

Which famous general of the War of 1812 fought the Creeks at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend and the Battle of New Orleans?

Andrew Jackson

What year did the British fight the zulus?

The British fought the Zulus in 1879 during the Anglo-Zulu War.

Are they colonists who fought for the british?


Who fought the British in the Ohio River Valley?

The native Indians, equipped and encouraged by the French fought the British settlers.

Who was a colonist who fought for the British during the American Revolution?

Benedict Arnold fought for the Patriots but sold secrets to the British.

Enslaved African American who fought on the british side were given?

they were given land or freedom i think but they were never given guns