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First, are you referring to "911" which is the phone number in the US that you call to report an emergency? Or are you referring to 9/11 (September 11, 2001), when about 3000 Americans were killed by coordinated suicide attacks? In the case of 911, many people associate it with bad news -- a traffic accident, someone getting shot, a serious medical condition.

In the case of 9/11, millions of Americans were horrified to see the airplanes aimed at the Twin Towers in New York City and then crashing into them. Nobody expected this to happen, people were terrified that America was under attack, and we did not know why. We later learned it was Al Qaeda that had attacked us; but in the hours after the Twin Towers fell, information was hard to come by, and the focus was on trying to rescue people. Everyone who lived through that day, whether they saw it in person or saw the video footage being replayed on TV, felt much less safe and many Americans were very frightened about what might happen next.

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Q: Why does 911 scare you so bad?
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