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Amir placed the money under Hassan's mattress to frame him in order to rid him for good. However, when Baba asks him if he stole the money, he shockingly admitted to it. Despite Baba's thoughts about theft, he is still willing to accept Hassan as part of their family; (SPOILER ALERT: because we soon learn that he is Amir's half-brother.)

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Q: Why does Amir put the money under Hassan's mattress?
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What did amir hide under hassans bed?

a watch

What did amir hide under hassans bed and why in kite runner?

Amir hid money and a wristwatch under Hassan's bed because he wanted to frame Hassan for theft in order to get rid of him. Amir felt guilty for betraying Hassan and wanted him to leave their household. This act ultimately led to a rift in their friendship and caused long-lasting consequences.

What does amir do to get ali and hassan in trouble?

Amir frames Hassan for stealing money and a watch, knowing that Hassan will take the blame to protect him. Amir stands by and does nothing to stop it, thus indirectly getting both Ali and Hassan in trouble.

How was amir responsible for the flight of ali and hassan?

Amir put his watch and some money in Hassan's mattress. Hassan found these items and told Ali about how he got raped while Amir hid and watched, so they left Kabul.

Why doesn't hassan tell the truth about amir after amir puts the money under hassan's mattress?

Hassan doesn't tell the truth about Amir to protect their relationship and honor. He values their friendship and doesn't want to break the trust between them, even if it means taking the blame for something he didn't do. Hassan's loyalty and selflessness are stronger than his desire to seek justice for himself.

What is the tone of hassans letter to amir?

The tone of Hassan's letter to Amir is heartfelt and nostalgic, expressing a deep sense of longing for their past friendship and a desire to reconnect despite the distance and time that has passed. It also conveys a message of forgiveness and a hope for reconciliation.

What do you think Hassans first word suggests about his and the narrators relationship?

It suggests that Hassan and Amir are closer than you would imagine in the book. It may also foreshadow for events that come up in the book later.

What does baba then do that shocks amir?

Baba shocks Amir by letting Hassan and Ali stay at the house, as Amir had put the wristwatch and Afghani bills under Hassan's mattress so that when Baba did find out about Hassan's stealing (a trait that Baba once told Amir he would never forgive in a person), Baba would want to push them out. Instead of Baba kicking them out, he forgave Hassan for "stealing" (he only admits stealing from Amir to protect him), and begs them to stay. Hassan and Ali leave the next morning and Baba weeps when they leave.

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Amir's confrontation with assef in wazir akar khan marks an important turning point in the novel why does the author have amir assef and sohrab all come together in this way?

This moment is Amirs chance to make it up to his half-brother Hassan; his opportunity to forgive himself for having done nothing to help Hassan, when assef was actin in such a repulsive way. Amir had witnessed that moment and remained motionless for selfish reasons and having done so brought so much guilt. So ultimately Amir had an opportunity to save sohrab, hassans son. Returning the favor Hassan had once done for Amir. He finally accepted the thrift that Hassan was not his friend but family-and family is always there for one another

Why does amir constantly test hassans loyalty?

Amir tests Hassan's loyalty because he struggles with feelings of guilt, shame, and jealousy towards Hassan. By testing Hassan, Amir hopes to alleviate his guilt and establish a sense of superiority over him. Additionally, Amir's actions stem from a desire to determine Hassan's unwavering loyalty in order to validate his worthiness as a friend and servant.