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higher taxes mean the corporations will go over seas where the taxes are lower, and then they will lose their tax base.

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Q: Why does US lower taxes if they are so much in debt?
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Does President Obama have a plan to lower US's national debt?

YES, he is going to raise taxes on the higher class.

How much were taxes in colonial time?

Depends on what country you mean. In the US, taxes were MUCH lower than they are today. (and those were considered too high!)

When will the US be out of debt?

sadly the only solution i can think of is higher taxes

How much US Debt in trillions?

Total US Debt: $14.1 Trillion Debt Held by US Public: $9.49 Trillion Debt held by Foreigners: $4.45 Trillion

How much debt does the US have?

We hvae about $3,000,000,000,000 or $3 Trillion in debt =[

How would the US government most likely react to a slump in the economy?

Lower taxes to make it easier for consumers and businesses to spend money.

How much is US foreign debt?

US foreign debt is now over 4.5 trillion dollars a year. China holds a majority of the US foreign debt.

How much is the US national debt?

As of January 31st 2011, total debt of the US economy is 14.13 Trillion US Dollars.

Can you lessen your credit card debts?

You can through debt settlement, but you will also ding your credit score. Now there is also credit card negotiation, which is negotiating a deal to lower your credit card interest rates. This process will lower your interest rate, lower your minimum payment, and allow you to pay off your debt faster. This is a much better alternative to debt settlement. Hope this helps. Any questions you can call us at 954 300 1053 or visit us at

What is representatve democracy?

In a representative democracy (such as that of the US) the general public elects people to represent them, and those elected representatives then form a government. So if the public wants something, such as, let us say, lower taxes, they don't get to vote on the taxes, but they do get to vote for people who promise to lower taxes.

How much slave taxes were collected by the us during slavery?

How much taxes were collected from slavery in the u.s.

What is a debt ceiling?

Debt ceiling is the limit on how much money the US Federal government can owe.