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The states have two senators because it is a constitutional requirement.

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Q: Why does each state only have two senaters?
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How many senaters are in congres?

100, two from each state.

Why are there 100 senaters in your US Senate?

it is in the constitution that each state has two senators

How many U.S senaters are there?

By the Constitution, there are two senators for each State. We currently have 50 States, so there are 100 Senators.

How many senaters are currently in the Senate?

It depends which senate you are referring to.

Who are the two IN senaters?

Evan Bayh and Richard G. Lugar

How many senaters does Illinois have?

Two. In the Senate, EVERY state gets 2 senators regardless of physical size or population.

Does each state have only 2 representatives?

Each state has two Senators; Representatives are determined by the US Census.

How many votes did each state get under the Articles of Confederation?

There is two senators in each state

How many members of the senate come from each state?

The Senate is composed of 100 Senators, two from each of the (currently) 50 states. Two senators per state is specified in the US Constitution and could only be changed by constitutional amendment.

How does the senate choose the number of members from each state?

The US Constitution sets the number of Senators from each state. Each state has only two. The voters of the state elect them.

How do they determine the number of senate members in the state of Texas?

The US Constitution sets the number of Senators from each state. Each state has only two.

Who represents you in the US senate?

Each state has two and only two Senators in office at a time.