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He scolds them because they warship Caesar almost blindly and they are roaming the streets and not working.

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Q: Why does flavius scold the citizens?
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Who are the characters involed in act1 scene1 of the book Julius Caesar?

They are Flavius, Marullus, some citizens.

What is Marullus and Flavius's reaction to the citizens' behavior?

Marullus and Flavius was very upset to see the way the citizens were behaving. when Pompey was alive they praise him and now that Caesar killed him, they started praising Caesar. They go along with anyone who wants to rule.

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What did flavius do?

Flavius was a Roman praenomen and there were many men who had the name. There was even an imperial dynasty, the Flavian, who carried the name. Flavius Josephus, the historian and all his sons had the name Flavius. The Conqueror of Masada was named Lucius Flavius Silva and Justinian's general Belisarius had the name Flavius. Constantine was also named Flavius.

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When did Flavius Gaudentius die?

Flavius Gaudentius died in 425.

When did Flavius Dalmatius die?

Flavius Dalmatius died in 337.

When did Flavius Victor die?

Flavius Victor died in 388.

When did Flavius Aetius die?

Flavius Aetius died in 454.

When was Flavius Aetius born?

Flavius Aetius was born in 396.

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