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Review the Brandenburg v. Ohio case and the National Socialist Party v. Village of Skokie case. It will help you come to an answer.

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Q: Why does the first amendt protect even the most offensive types of speech?
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Does the first amendment protect the freedom of speech?


What does the first admendment protect?

freedom of speech, press, and religion

What kinds of speech has the Court refused to protect under the First Amendment?

Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of the Press

What types of speech does the first Amendment not protect?

Defamatory and"Fighting words'

Does the first amendment protect individuals from speech that harms peoples reputation?

No, the first amendment only gives the freedom of speech, press, and religion. Although, speech that harms someones reputation is slander, which is a crime. Slander is a crime and freedom of speech is a right.

Does the first amendment protect Symbolic speech?

Yes, but to a certain extent. When people take advantage of symbolic speech, the First Amendment does not protect symbolic speech. They can consider symbolic speech as a right to say whatever they want, which can violate people's safety and protection, as well as policies. But having the right to speak freely about your opinion and convictions is a privilege and will be taken away if you take advantage of it.

How does the first amendment protect individual rights?

The First Amendment guarentees freedom of speech, religion, petition, assembly, and press

The first amendment does not protect commercial speech as extensively as noncommercial speech?

"The protection given to the commercial speech under the First Amendment is not as extensive as that afforded to noncommercial speech, however." -Business Law Today 9th Edition Miller & Jentz pg 18

What amendments protect freedom of speech press religion and assembly?

These rights are protected under the First Amendment.

What did one of the first amendments in the bill of rights protect?

The first amendment protects free speech, free press, and freedom of religion.

How many individual rights does the first amendment protect?

The first amendment guarentees freedom of speech, religion, petition, assembly, and press

Which amendment of bill of rights protect freedom of speech?

The 1st Amendment gives each American the right to freedom of speech, religion and the right to free assembly.