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AS private companies are not ready to provide these service without any profit,therefore it is goverment duty to provide it

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Because they are funded by public funds (tax).

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try to help us ,by knowing how the poor people condition

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Q: Why does the government need to provide public facilities to the people?
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What are public facilities?

the facilities given to the people residing in that country are the public facilities of that country. e.g. -transports like train ,bus, auto rikshaw ,dustbins kept on roads etc.

Why is there a need for public facilities?

Public facilities? This could mean public restrooms and this case thank goodness or there would be no place for people to stop and relieve themselves. Public facilities .... Is also a library or other government funded place for assisting people with knowledge giving answers or simply education.

What are four jobs of a local government?

to manage the state finance, to take care in education, to provide the facilities to the public, to manage the affairs of the whole state.

Where does the government get the money from for the public fACILITIES?

the government get money for public facilities fromthe various taxes like incometax,sales tax,housetax,water tax,road tax..........

What are the public facilities provided by the government of INDIA?

there are probably no public facilities in in india,but it is progressing vey fast.In many of the places the govt. has provided clean water but in many places people are not provided with clean water.....

Why shold the government be responsible for providing public facilities?

The government has a duty to look after its citizens and society in general. It is what people pay taxes for. The cost of not providing some public facilities and services, like policing, would be worse for society. Without law and order, society would have big problems. The private sector often will not provide these as it costs too much and there is no gain for them. So it is down to the public sector to do so in many cases.

Why does the government take a lot of taxes out of the working people?

bcoz the government use this money to developed our country and in other developing levellike-in education label , and in public facilities .....

Why is it so important provide employment?

employment is very important because people satisfy their basic needs out of their earnings. the reasons why government has to provide employment are, improve living standards, development of the country, for providing facilities to public, equality, most important thing they are getting TAX from public that money should utilized for employment related activities.

Where does the government get its income to provide public services to its citizens?

The government gets its income to provide public services to its citizens from taxes.

Where are school lockers for sale? provides public schools and government facilities to purchase lockers. Prices are included with the different displays. can provide you with a cost efficient alternative.

Where do income taxes go?

To the members of the government to fund all public facilities.

What are the types of public facilities?

the facilities provided to the citizen of india by the government is called public facillities. the citizens must use it economically because these facillities are provided to the citizens so taht they can live a comfortable live. some common public facilities are:electricitywaterhealth careschoolling facillities