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A while back I read somewhere that there were something like 12,000 caucasian Washingtons and 125,000 black Washingtons. I wish I could remember where I had read it but I cannot. I also read that when the slaves were given their freedom that they took names of famous men, i.e. Washington, Jefferson, etc. and also took names of slave masters. I was told by an author that my John Washington was the only white John Washington in Mississippi (of 9) in the Civil War, so the above may not be true. Any Washington history buffs out there?

AnswerI think you will find there are quite a few white Washingtons, considering George Washington had brothers who had sons. Why don't you visit Mount Vernon and buy the printed family tree chart? It shows lots of descendants. AnswerI know about 20, they are related to Charles. He is George's brother by his fathers second wife. If anyone is intrested I will give you any information that I have. AnswerMy Step Grandfather was Vernon Washington.He was a White Man and play profesional Baseball for the Chicargo White Socks.This was many moons ago.He was from Linden,Tx.


When the slaves were set free, most of them didnt have a last name. Many took the names of their ex-owners, and many created their own names. That is why so many black people have last names like "Washington" and "Lincoln," because they were well respected known people at that time.

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Q: Why does there seem to be no 'white' Washingtons except George Washington our nation's first president?
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