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There are two main reasons for this:

1. The US uses a electoral system based on single member districts with a plurality vote. this means that in each electoral district there is only one winning candidate, and that winning candidate is the one with the highest number of votes (a plurality). This system favours large parties as they have the resources and personnel to support elections in each district and in the US generally the Democrat and Republican parties are the most well known. Smaller parties candidates may be able to win a share of the votes, but to overcome one of the larger parties in any one district is extremely difficult.

In other countries, different electoral system are sometimes used, including Proportional Representation electoral systems (PR). PR electoral system elect more than one candidate for each district - sometimes even more than one hundred! This means that even smaller parties who only get a small share of the vote can still win seats (If a small party wins 10 percent of the vote in a district of 100 members, then that party will receive 10 seats.) Different electoral systems make it easier for smaller parties to gain seats.

2. The second reason is historical development of a political system. In the US, the Republican and Democrat parties are heavily institutionalized to the extent that they are often seen as the only two options. This is supported by the electoral system, but also by the unique historical development of US politics. In other countries, different political development has resulted in more political parties!

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Q: Why don't the other countries have the same number of political parties as the us?
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Do political parties receive advertising on radio television and in the newspaper free of charge?

In the US, all political advertising must be paid for by the party or group placing it, whether in a newspaper or on radio or television. The process of funding political advertising can be different in other countries.

What leader warned Americans that political parties may have harmful effects?

George Washington was strongly against America dividing into two different political parties. In his farewell address, he wanted the people of his nation to be united, and he felt that political parties would turn his nation against each other. He also warned against foreign entanglements.

What does political intrigue mean?

this included back hand schemes which were used in the political scene (used other parties negatives to help themselves)

What are the strengths of having political parties?

Political parties have unified groups of people and helped them seek and achieve common goals. They help to offer voters choices. Just as people have a favorite sports team that they tend to favor, political parties give people something to identify with. Political parties tend to control who get what, where, when, and how much. Their major purpose for existence is to get people to elect their candidates. Political parties tend to attract people based on their performances and their political platforms. What the promise and what they accomplish while being in office largely determine which coalitions will affiliate with their party in the next elections. So even though elections between political parties can be heated they have served as a way for people to identify with government and best express their individual voice.

What political actions resulted from opposition to the war?

There were many political actions that resulted from opposition to the Vietnam War. These included political protest rallies and desertion to other countries.

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Although US political parties focus on winning elections most political parties in other countries also?

All of the above

What was George Washington's political veiws?

Avoid political parties. Avoid long term involvement with other countries.

What do you know about the size of India in relation to other countries?

one of the biggest democratic country with multiple political parties.

What is Canada most of Democrats or Republicans?

The American political parties of Democrats and Republicans don't fit well into other countries' political systems. That is, the unique nature of American culture and politics makes it very difficult to map American political parties to their equivalents in other countries. In addition, the stated goals of both American political parties is often at radical odds with actual practices and pronouncements from those parties, making the comparison even more difficult - in most other countries, parties tend to stick rather closely to their stated philosophies, as that is their primary means of attracting support in a very pluralistic political party environment.

Does Japan have political parties?

Japan is divided into four major political parties. Japan also has a multitude of other minor political parties in the country.

What part of speech is political parties?

A political party is a noun. It is a political organisation that has specific beliefs, usually different from other parties, who seeks to attain political power.

How do people join political parties?

The easiest way to join a political party in many countries is to go to that party's website - often, political parties will allow you to join from their website for a small fee (the same fee as joining the party through other means). If you can't join a party this way, the best thing to do is look up the telephone number of their local branch and call to ask how you can join the party.

What are two ways in which political parties in the US differ from other western countries?

There are several ways that the political parties in the United States differ from other Western countries: A. A sharp difference is that many Western nations have a parliamentary system of government. This results in voting almost 100% of the time with party dictates; and B. In the USA, the political parties can often cross party lines and side with the opposing party. For the most part there is no strict party line voting as in most parliamentary systems.

What are other political parties?

The independent party and others

What steps political parties take in order to prepare for a genaral elections?

Depends on the country you're talking about. In countries like the US and the UK you basically vote for individual politicians, who either have been put forward by their political party but who who can also stand as 'independent' candidates, in which case a party may not even be involved. This is mostly the case in countries where each candidate personally represents a specific constituency or region. In other countries - where number of seats per party are assigned on the basis of percentage of total votes scored - you vote for the parties themselves by voting for their political leaders.

What is a list of undemocratic countries?

If we consider rules of political parties and their functions according to political science teaching then we find we few democratic countries with social security , protection of human rights , accountability and other democratic principles. Most of countries in developing worlds may be termed as undemocratic.

What are the political parties in Canada?

The major political parties in Canada currently are:ConservativeLiberalNew Democratic PartyBloc QuebecoisGreenThere are approximately 15 other registered political parties, none of which has ever come close to winning a single seat.