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Before Canada existed as a nation, Alaska was owned by Russia. Russia then sold Alaska to the United States.

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Q: Why is Alaska located in Canada but owned by the us?
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What country is between the US and the state of alaska?

That would be Canada. There are islands owned by Canada farther north also the north pole.

Where is Alaska Greenland and the US on the map of Canada?

Alaska is a US state and is connected to Canada by land, it is its northwestern neighbor. The United States is directly south of Canada (contiguous US). Greenland is a Danish owned island off the East coast of Canada, it is also the largest island in the world.

What US state is the city Anchorage located in?

Anchorage is located in Alaska. Alaska is the 49th state of the union and is located northwest of Canada. Anchorage is small for a state capital, but the largest city in Alaska.

When did Canada sell Alaska to US?

Canada didn't sell it to the US; Russia did. Canada owned it first, then Russia, now the US. Russia found it useless and hard to get to because of the water body that separated it from Russia.

Is Alaska owned by the US?


Alaska is in what part of the US?

Alaska is one of the Northwestern states. It is located above and to the left of Washington State, right next to Canada

Is Canada and Alaska in the US?

no just Alaska

Who owned Canada before the us?

The U.S. has never owned Canada.

What state borders Canada and not the US?


What US state is located near the Arctic Circle and shares the border with Canada's Yukon Territory?


Which US state is located near the Arctic Circle and shares a border with Canada's Yukon Territory?


Is Canada bigger than US even with Alaska?

Yes, Canada is bigger than the US, including Alaska.