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It's an old English / Anglican pronunciation of the full name, James. Take for instance the river that runs though England and London, spelled Thames, but pronounced Tims.

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Q: Why is Jim a nickname for James?
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What is your name if your name if your nickname is Jim?

Usually Jim or Jimmy is short for James

James Eugene Carrey- how did he get Jim?

Ahem- Jim happens to be the most common nickname for the masculine given name James.

What is Jim Carrey?

Answer:his nickname is...Jimhis real name is James

What is a nickname for James?

Nicknames for James may include Jamie, Jimmy, Jim, Jimbo or Jambo.

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Well yes and no, depending on what you think. His actual name was James, but people called him, or nicknamed him, "Jim" or sometimes called him, "Jimmy." But no, he did not have a nickname nickname. Nothing like "Puppet boy" or something. It's just the name that most people know him by (Jim) is actually a nickname, not his real name (James.) Hope I helped.

Is there a Saint Jim?

Yes. 'Jim' is short for 'James,' & 2 of Our Lord's Apostles were named James, hence they were Saints.

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Jim is a normal nickname for someone whose full name is James.

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In Star Trek, Kirk's nickname for Doctor Leonard McCoy was "Bones".

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Jim Bridger's nickname was "Old Gabe". Jim Bridger's nickname for Wyoming is "Old Man of the Mountain"!

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'Jim' is the shorter, less formal name for James; as is Dick for Richard, Phil for Phillip, Bill for William, etc. It seems every formal name has a shorter, informal, name.

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