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William McAdoo served as Treasury Secretary during the first world war and was instrumental in expanding the budget for the United States to cover the costs of war. He was appointed to this position by President Woodrow Wilson and soon after married Wilson's daughter Eleanor.

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Q: Why is William McAdoo important?
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William Gibbs McAdoo was born on 1863-10-31.

When did William Gibbs McAdoo die?

William Gibbs McAdoo died on 1941-02-01.

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Who organized all the railroad lines into a single national network?

The United States Railroad Administration, with the help of William McAdoo.

Who was Woodrow Wilson's campaign manager?

Woodrow Wilson's campaign manager for his presidential campaign in 1912 was William Gibbs McAdoo. McAdoo was a lawyer and politician who previously served as Wilson's Secretary of the Treasury during his presidency. He played a crucial role in crafting Wilson's campaign strategy and securing his nomination.

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