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The 22nd Amendment states that no president will be elected to more than 2 terms or 10 years.

Under traditional circumstances the president will be elected to a four year term, then will be re-elected to a second four year term. After serving the eight years, that president may not run again.

The ten year clause exists in case a president were to be assassinated. If the president were to be killed, the vice president would then become president. If the (assassinated) president were to serve two years before being assassinated, the vice president would serve the remaining two years, and may run for two more terms (8 years), which would total ten. No one may serve more than ten years.

This amendment was passed because many people feared that a president may gain too much power and never leave office.

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Amendment 22 is very important to the United States. This amendment makes sure that a president does not serve more than 2 terms.

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Q: Why is amendment 22 important?
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