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It is a bad thing because it leads an already staggering expentiture level (over $ 1.7 trillion worldwide in 2012 alone, $ 711 billion by the US) to rise even more steeply.
Apart from the financial waste, an arms race - or a case where one country starts outspending its neighbours or tries to outgun them by developing atomic bombs - can easily fuel political tensions as presently shown in the case of China, Iran and Korea.

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Q: Why is an arms race a bad thing?
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Why was the European arm race a bad thing?

In an arms race, the activity of the other side begins determining one's behavior. And the results at the end of the race are from assertion and not analysis. The likelihood of war increases as an arms race picks up pace.

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Was the dropping of Atomic bombs in World War 2 a good thing or bad thing?

It was good one way because it save many lives, American casualties where figured to be somewhere near 1 million and Japanese casualties much high due to their refusal to surrender. It was a bad thing because it ushered in an arms race between the west and the east, each seeking to out do the other.

How did the arms race lead to peace?

how did the arms race lead to the end of the fall of the soviet union

Why do you think the arms race was justified as a good thing for the cold war?

The arms race is a rapid increase in the quantity or quality of instruments of military power by rival states in peacetime. It wasn't necessarily a good thing for the cold war but the Soviet Union detonating the first atomic bomb was the start of the Cold War.Ê

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The Arms Race ended with the end of the cold war and the breakup of the USSR. The nuclear arms race came about during the Cold War.

Why did the arms race start?

the arms race started because US wanted to get the most powerful bomb.

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