Why is discovery important?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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discovery is important because without making new discoveries the daily life of a human being would be very difficult.

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discoveries are important because it helps people solve ecological,environmental,and individual problems

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Q: Why is discovery important?
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What important discovery was made there?

What important discovery was made there

Was glass an important discovery?

Yes glass was an important discovery

Why is the northwest passage still an important discovery?

why is the northwest passage have been an important discovery

Where in the world did Darwin His first important discovery.?

Charles Darwin made his first important discovery in Argentina.

Why was Sutton Hoo discovery so important to historians?

the discovery was so important because they were looking for this forever

What is the name of an important early discovery which is useful still now?

Depends how early you mean, but the discovery of fire was the first very important discovery for man, then their was the wheel, and also agriculture.

What is important about Jane Goodall's discovery?

the chimpanzee are important to her and everyone

What was Albert Einstein's most important discovery?

Albert Einstein's most important discovery was the E=mc2 formula which is also the theory

Why was Louis agassiz discovery important?

i dont no

Why is the jj Thomson discovery important?

it wasnt..................

Who was important in the discovery of radiation?

Marie Curie

Why is Pythagoras' discovery important?

it helped with MATH. :)